Monday, February 25, 2019


The Haab Family || a Downtown Grand Rapids Session

On a bright Grand Rapids day, I met up with the Haab family downtown. I've known Mrs. Haab and two of her daughters for several years through a Bible study group we both used to attend; their love for Jesus and genuine compassion towards others truly stands out. When Mrs. Haab asked me to capture her family's photos I was delighted!

Our photo session took us several exciting places! From the Blue Bridge's heights, to the beautiful landscapes and flowing waters around the Ford Museum, to the bold green grasses of the Public Museum, I had the loveliest time capturing memories with each of them. One of my favorite things about photography is the opportunity it provides to capture personality and soul. A family is a unit sovereignly put together by our Creator, made up of several people. I love how family sessions give me the chance to share a peek into family life and togetherness, and also to capture the uniqueness and beauty of each person as an individual.

meet the fam :

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