Pro-Life San Francisco's Protest Against Advanced Bioscience Resources

On November 11th, I joined pro-life activists Terrisa Bukovinac of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, Kristin Turner of Pro-Life San Francisco, and Herb Geraghty of Rehumanize International to protest Advanced Bioscience Resources' abuse of the bodies of babies subjected to the violence of abortion. 

Terrisa described the event on Instagram

"Disruption yesterday morning outside the headquarters of Advanced Bioscience Resources, America’s oldest profiteer of the sale of harvested fetal organs for experimentation. I have been in a two year battle with the University of California, San Francisco for records relating to their fetal organ harvesting program and the university recently provided a literal pricing sheet and invoices from ABR proving they are selling the organs rather than reimbursing shipping costs as they’ve previously claimed. Selling human fetal organs for profit and creating a market for body parts is illegal yet neither the State nor the US Department of Justice have held them accountable and shut them down. ABR’s long-term procurement director Perin Larton has admitted on camera that sometimes these late-term babies are born alive and killed by dissection."


Precious preborn babies are targeted while yet in the womb by some abortionists who have partnerships with fetal tissue research organizations--as is the case with Women's Options Center in San Francisco (read more about this connection here). 

This vile abuse of our world's smallest children--who are vulnerable and desperately in need of our help and protection--ought to urge us onto action for the rescuing of these beautiful people who have been created in love for God's excellent purposes. When we see an organization barbarically profiteering from the intentional killing of such a marginalized, overlooked people group, could indifference ever be an appropriate response at any measure? 


For the sake of these beautiful, tiny people, may we reject passivity, and rise in the name of Jesus to save the children He has made.

(Note: Some photography from this event was featured in Live Action News' article "Activists Block Traffic in Protest Against Harvesting and Experimentation on Children.")

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