Pro-Life Protest at Planned Parenthood in Downtown Grand Rapids

THE FORECAST called for cloudy skies and light storms today in Grand Rapids, but not one drop rained down on us. I had the incredible privilege of standing for life - outside Planned Parenthood - with this group of people from Grand Rapids Right to Life. In stark contrast with pro-choice rallies, this protest was peaceful. Each of us holding signs and praying for an end to abortion knew that yelling and obscene behavior toward "the other side" would never solve the tragic issue of lives being snuffed out. Rather, many of us smiled, knowing that God will answer our prayers for little lives to be protected. Even as people driving by would roll down their windows and shout some argument out, I watched the other protesters reply "God bless you!"

I had never been to a pro-life protest before, but I was absolutely overjoyed to have such an incredible opportunity to be a voice for the many voiceless babies. Just recently, Planned Parenthood on Cherry Street started offering chemical abortions (the abortion pill). Including the surgical abortion center, there are now two abortion clinics Downtown.

People hate to think about things this way, but it's really this simple: I could have been the one aborted. You could have been the one aborted. Your mom could have been the one aborted. And, more than likely, no one would notice you or I weren't here.


That's the astounding (estimated) number of lives taken. Smiles you'll never see. Lives you'll never touch. Jesus has called us to be advocates for these little lives. Let's stand together in His love!

"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute" (Proverbs 31:8).

Esther & Travis: A Rockford Engagement Session

ESTHER AND TRAVIS are dear friends of mine, and it was such an honor to capture their engagement photos. Considering the fact that I had never before done an engagement session, I was very surprised and excited when Esther asked me to photograph the two of them. We found a spectacular little park for photos, only five minutes down the road from my home. Townsend Park provided us with many incredible spots; down by the stream, deep into the woods, and even up a dusty pine tree trail. These two genuinely shine with Jesus' love! It will be so exciting to see the many ways God will use their lives for His honor, glory, and praise. 

We love because He first loved us // 1 John 4:19

It  is with great excitement that I share this lovely session with you today:

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