Friday, February 3, 2017


Corinne's Session // and the Purpose Behind It

"There was a girl living in Constanța, Romania; she was poor, unemployed, and lived with her family. Eventually, with only a 7th grade education, at the age of 18 she found herself pregnant. Her boyfriend was not in the picture; she was trapped. Her father was not happy about this news at all; he told her that he expected more of her, and pressured to go have an abortion and forget about this baby. At that time in Romania, seventeen out of every twenty children were aborted..."
My friend Corinne Bronkema's story is up on my other blog - Let My Life Be a Light - today. I know you definitely won't want to miss out on hearing about her life and how God is using her poured out life to bring Himself Glory. The Post is called "When Abortion Makes Sense" and some of the details there are just to heart breaking; like the fact that Corinne was one of 100,000 children in government care at that time. She was often unintentionally overlooked by the orphanage staff since there were so many children to be cared for; she had to rock herself to sleep at night. 

There are plenty of people who believe that we could spare people like Corinne from pain if they had just been aborted. Although she most definitely experienced some massively painful circumstances at a very young age, Corinne is no mistake, as Planned Parenthood calls so many of these little ones who are not expected or "planned" by their parents. Corinne's life is absolutely beautiful, and she is seeking to keep Jesus Christ at the center of it. And Corinne is so thankful her mom chose life: see her full story here.  

Here are a few favorites from our photo shoot yesterday: 

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