Friday, January 19, 2018


Christmastime Caroling at Heritage Clinic for Women

Today is the beginning of March for Life. I couldn't go to DC this year, but I'm "marching" from the sidewalk of 320 this morning.

There are Christians who would say that we shouldn't be doing things "like this;" as in, we should be quiet little believers who only publicly stand against abortion if we're asked to. I must respectfully disagree. Why do we march? Why do we stand? The other day, an angry older man just walking by Heritage Clinic for Women (the abortion clinic I counsel at) came up to my co-counselor and I and basically told us to quit sidewalk counseling. He accused us of harassing women. Sometimes the staff of the clinic gets mad at us. One pro-choice activist even pushed a pro-life counselor into the road earlier this winter in GR. Why keep standing when things like this happen? I didn't get lectured, criticized or talked down about for being pro-life until I got involved with front-line pro-life ministry.

Why is that? I didn't know half as many pro-choice individuals as I know now. Now there are relationships. Sometimes these relationships are difficult, "How are you?" "Don't talk to me." {It doesn't always go that way, but  lately things have been more fierce}. I stand for their lives as well.... They matter to the King of kings too, and are held captive by the enemy. Jesus is the only one who can set them free, and He wants to do so through those who are surrendered fully to Him.

I stand for life today not only because abortion is the brutal murder of a precious child (it very much is!), but also because God is the Giver of Life and not us. He is the Author and Finisher. Who are we to say when a life starts and when it ends? He is worthy of every life He has made. Every person--regardless of age, life situation, etc.--is precious to Him. He went to the Cross for the broken people of this world. He wants to redeem. Will we be His hands and feet to the least of these around us? Will you stand for life? Will you be a voice for those who have none? Can we share His love and a way of escape with the pro-choice crowd?

Since we're talking about pro-life living, here's a throwback to earlier this winter. In December, a local church who has been involved with 40 Days For Life took a trip to carol outside Heritage Clinic for Women. It was a beautiful (and extremely cold) morning of standing together--boldly, yet peacefully--for the vulnerable little lives at risk. I was able to be there along with one of the sidewalk counselors who has been training me this year.

How will 2018 be different in you life, in the area of advocacy? Would you be willing to stand in the gap for those who are at-risk?

Comment below and tell me why you march for life!

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  1. Beautiful witness Cassidy :) I march because we are the only ones to be there as a child is murdered in it's mother's womb and I can't bear to think that they aren't loved by anyone as their little souls ascend into heaven :(


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