Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Photo Inspiration for Spring

Everything is so beautiful, here in Rockford, Michigan. And I want to capture as much of it on camera as possible! SO.... today I went through some old photos and critiqued them, and I decided to put them up on the blog as well.

1. The New Bud
This photo was taken in my Grandma's garden. I like the depth this photo has; it is textured, lined, and unique. If I could go back and retake this photo, I would line up the bud with the grid (#) a little better and make the vine meet the top right intersecting point.    

2. Layers of Pink
I love the color and interesting layers of this delightful flower, but my main focal point ended up right in the center of the photo (which is a big no, no in professional photography). I would re-angle this photo so the bud on the far left is more visible.

 3. Bumblebee and Zinnia
"Oh my goodness! It's a bumblebee!" 
I was so excited when I saw this fuzzy bee land on a Zinnia in my garden; I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped this photo. This picture was taken back in the good ol' days (AKA last year) when I didn't know how to control my camera's focus; so I was pleasantly surprised about the well-blurred background when I pulled it up on my computer. If I was to re-do this one, I think I would get closer; you don't want someone to have to lean in to see the subject (at least not for this one.) 

4. Blooming at the Gate
This photo has a lot of structure; there are the lines on the gate, the square shaped garden fence, the textured wood, and the smooth grass. My eye is drawn to the in-focus flowers, but there are so many in-focus flowers and buds that I don't know where to look first. That could potentially be a good thing (it does make it more mysterious), or it can be just plain distracting. I personally (if I could have a "re-do"), would re-angle my subject to be a little easier to notice.

5. Viridescent Shades
Contrast is very noticeable here; and that is what I was aiming for when I took it. I waned the distinct touch of this green pant to be visible, so much so that you can imagine what the texture felt like. As I critique this photo, I notice all the little cherry tomatoes in the background; are they too distracting? Or do they add an uncommon beauty? I might edit them out in the future.   

 6. Down by the Water
I live by this sparkly little lake, Boswick Lake. This photo shows the texture of the water, the green trees, blue sky, and old wooden dock. My horizon point is almost at the center of the photo, which splits it in half and gives it, as my photography teacher would say, a "boring" look. If I was to fix the proportions, I would arrange it to be about 30% sky and 70% water and trees. And the metal poles in the dock are sort of odd; editing them out could give it a more clean, pure look.   

7. Vivid Iris
The intriguing colors of this flower call for a second look; is it really lilac, blush pink, tiger orange, and low-toned yellow? Yes indeed, those are its natural colors (and I didn't change them in photo-shop). I don't believe I did this vibrant flower justice; it doesn't meet a grid point (although, it appears that I was aiming for the lower left GP). And, when I edited, I could have saturated the color to be more noticeable.    

8. Held
 Every single year daisies bloom at my house, and they are such a delight; each one points to the beauty of its Maker. When I snapped this one, I knew nothing about photo technique; I saw photography solely as an art and thought nothing of the science behind it. Thus the over saturation, and odd editing job. With all that said, I do still love this photo and have chosen to leave it as is, simply because it was one of my "firsts" in photography. But... If I was to change it, I would bring down the color saturation and change the temperature a little.  

9. Sunshine and Shadows 
There is a glow and haze to this image; it brings back so many camp memories to my mind. I wanted a snapshot of the week, the sweet friends, the growth, and this photo encapsulates some of that. One issue I notice with this photo is the slight glare on the bottom right (which can be easily edited out). My ISO was a little too low since I used a point-and-shoot camera. Still a lovely memory of middle school, though!

 10. Twittering 
My dear friend, Maria, was so excited when two little birds landed on her fingers during a field trip; I quickly captured the moment with my cheap camera. This photo shows her sheer delight and fascination with these little birdies; I love how you can see her enthusiasm. What I would fix: this picture was taken in direct sunlight (that's why one side of her head is hard to see); I would set my ISO at 100 and try again. Editing: her eyes could be whitened, and the contrast could be brought up more.  

11. Seat Belt Silhouette 
"The mountains are just so gorgeous!" I thought to myself as we drove through Virginia for a church trip. I couldn't believe my eyes; being a Michigander, seeing mountains was not an everyday occurrence. Right off the bat, I notice that the mountain and grass are rather blurry; I should have had my shutter speed higher (but I was using a point-and-shoot, so that wasn't an option). The queer clouds add a unique touch and, again, more clarity could have helped. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorite photos of all time.   

12. Cartwheels on Easter
We spent Easter, last year, with my grandparents. They have a lovely field right across the road from where they live and I decided to take advantage of it. My sister was very involved in gymnastics at the time, so a cartwheel seemed fitting for this photo. I now notice that the horizon line is not completely straight, the sky seems a little too dim (I should have brought up the brightness more in photo shop), and I should have lined my sister up to the right grid line. I'm so thankful for photo shop! 

13. The Run
Last year my dad hosted MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run at our local middle school. Pitch, Hit, and Run is a baseball competition that aims to find talented elementary-aged baseball players; and in this picture, my brother was racing against the clock for the base run. If you look closely enough, you will notice that his shoe is not in focus, which probably means that my shutter speed wasn't high enough, and the horizon line is at a weird angle (and that might be fine...)  

 14. Expressions
This photo was taken during Pitch, Hit, and Run as well. There is so much expression in this shot; facial expressions from the people around, then the three girls who say a lot by their body language. Though I love the lighting and focus of this picture, there are several things that need fixing! I did not proportion this super well; its okay, but it could be better. And it could be a little brighter.  

15. Emery
I love this sweet girl, Emery, so very much! She always greets me with a huge hug and smile. This photo was a little bit difficult to get; I was sitting inside a car with the door open, and Emery was going by on her scooter, so I had to be fast! :) To be fixed: Cami's coat is rather distracting (far right), and the car door is distracting too (far left). This photo is on a dramatic angle, and the yard has several patches of yellow grass. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Rebekah, Megan and Grace: A Lifestyle Session

These three sweet girls, Rebekah, Megan and Grace, were wonderful models for my latest lifestyle session.

What is a lifestyle session?

It is a photo shoot involving shots that express the emotion and sense of everyday life. For example, in the 14th photo down, I asked Rebekah to pose in a sad mannerism; I wanted to imply that something had happened and that she was struggling. Was she actually sad? No. She's just a great actress!

In the first photo, we have Rebekah. She is a local photographer at Rebekah Ann Photography, and we see each other every week at homeschool group. She is an encourager (yep, I made up that word); you can't talk to her for five minutes without feeling so uplifted! Megan (third photo down) is a sweetheart! She is energetic and so thoughtful; I love talking with her whenever I get the chance. Though she's shy, she does a killer job in each Koinonia performance. And last, but definitely not least, Grace. Grace is an actress, pianist, and big sister; she always has a positive and beautiful way of looking at life and I'm so thankful to know her.

These pictures were taken specifically for The Overflow Blog, a lifestyle blog for Christian women.

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