Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Creation Museum/King's Island Trip

This past summer I went on a trip to the Creation Museum and King's Island with my youth group. It was a six hour drive to the campground in Kentucky.

 Each Church trip is so special; on the way down- we played tons of games, had time to get to know each other better, and laughed a t.o.n. I know that the memories we have made on these trips will not be soon forgotten. When we arrived  at the campsite, we were surprised to find that it had flooded the day before, leaving our lot on an angle (which would make a landslide of sleeping bags and muddy teenagers...). So we moved to a different area, and set up all the florescent green tents. 

I know that really doesn't describe our trip well enough... so hopefully the pictures can tell you the all the more! 


©Jessica Shelner

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©Morgan Irwin

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