Monday, July 30, 2018


ESTHER & TRAVIS || A Rockford, MI Wedding

A little over a year ago, my sweet friends Esther and Travis said "I Do." I had the privilege of being their wedding photographer on the delightful day in May. Flowers had been arranged, final details were brought together, happy tears were falling; the anticipated time had arrived.

When capturing weddings, I truly count it a high honor to have such a unique position in a moment of their lives that will be forever remembered. I was in awe and beyond thrilled when Esther contacted me and asked me to photograph their special day.

I entered the room where Esther was getting ready, sensing the expectancy in the air. I have known this precious woman for several years, and every day she is beautiful, but the loveliness and radiance on her on face on her wedding day testified to the Lord's divine involvement in Esther and Travis' relationship. The final touches of make up and hair arranging were finished. The hour had come.

The delighted audience gazed with elation and awe as Esther made her way down the aisle. My heart was so touched. Step by step, Esther and her father neared Travis at the far end of the room. Tears of joy streamed down her face.

After Travis and Esther had joined hands, vows were sacredly exchanged. Smiles, joy, and celebration abundantly filled the atmosphere. McPherson family history was being woven with the pass of every second.

I love the truth that there are parts of wedding days and love stories that can only be understood by seeing the couple's faces. So I leave the rest of the chronicle of this precious day to the artistic expression thereof. #toopreciousforwords

Felt in song: Light Up by Helen Jane Long

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