Saturday Gear Snapshots: 18-55mm lens || gracious group lens

Rockford, MI, USA

Today I'm starting a three part series on my favorite lenses, and I'm SO EXCITED to be sharing this with y'all!

During my beginning years of photography, the 18-55mm lens was practically my "right hand man." I really liked the manual zoom (which was a change for me since I previously had a little point and shoot camera with an automatic zoom function); I also enjoyed playing around with the manual focus - I had a lot to learn about getting a precisely focused photo, and having this lens in hand provided lots of awesome opportunities to practice.

The 18-55mm lens is a great lens for group shots; it gives me flexibility to quickly take a somewhat further away shot, then zoom to capture up closer.

Everything I like about this lens:

-Flexibility {especially the zoom}
-Made well {confession... I have definitely dropped my 18-55 right on the ground several times, and thankfully it still shoots well. It has survived the woes of painting service projects, overly excited 6 year-olds who suddenly steal cameras ["But Cassie, I want to lean how!!!"],  100 degree churches with a high level of Michigan humidity, deathly falls from the top of the piano, and so much more}
-Those lens caps {Legit life savers! I use them all the time!!}
-The option of auto focus or manual focus {I use both of them}
-Works well for filming {If I'm planning in advance to take a video, this lens will have its place in my camera bag}
-Awesome traveling/vacation lens {The great flexibility of this lens is so wonderfully helpful when I'm traveling; I can often squeeze the whole fam in a photo!}
-Beginner Friendly {this lens was a wonder to learn with! I had never owned my own lens before I had this one, and it was a great place to start}

This lens is not artsy; it's a bit sterile; I do not recommend this one for constant use in regular photo sessions.

-HIGH f stop (aperture) {this lens is NOT your portrait lens; please learn from my mistake - I did not know how important a fixed lens like the 50mm or 35mm were for getting a well blurred background and an overall crystal clear image - so I used this lens for a long time for every single pose. Ahhh, now I look back on those photos and tend to raise my eyebrows and say, "Well, I was just new at this; I had no idea." Those are my "yikes" photos. Don't have yikes photos!}
-Not the best photo session lens {whenever I get ready for a photo shoot, of all my lenses - 50mm, 18-55mm, and 75-300mm - this is the one I would be most likely to leave behind. It does work well, but it doesn't often leave my pictures with the artsy & lovely style I aim to capture in each image. It's kind of plain}
-A bit beginner {this lens was amazing for learning on, but it's functions don't really extend far enough to meet the demand or needs of my photo business, which is why I haven't used this one more than 3 times in the past six months}

The 18-55mm lens is amazing for group shots and other shots that you desire a high f stop for. This is the very first lens I ever shot with, and it continues to be used in my photography business.

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