Monday, October 3, 2016


September Debrief: Fall Happenings at Cassidy Elaine Photography

You know it's fall when the leaves start filling the yard, the mornings start chilling (to the bone!!), and the windshield gets frosted. I think I must have tropical blood or something because I always resent the turn of the weather; when it gets cold, I want to run and hide! Many of my friends will remark about how lovely the trees are and how glad they are that it's time for the fall clothes to be taken out of the basement... But to be honest, I am just dreaming the whole "Michigan fall thing" away in my mind; the sooner spring is here the better! And don't even bring up the "W" word! {Winter (meaning snow) is not allowed to make any appearances this year by command of Cassidy! We'll see how that goes for me...}

Despite my hesitation to welcome the autumn weather in, I have definitely enjoyed capturing some photos this September.

1. The Velzen Extended Family | 09.02.16

2. Faces of the Shooltz Home | 09.04.16

3. South Haven Travels | 09.05.16

4. Killingbeck Family Reunion / Overflow Blog "Comparison" Photo Shoot | 09.10.16

5. Football Fanatics | 09.14.16

6. Nagel Family | 09.18.16

7. True Woman Conference / Cry Out 16 | 09.21.16 - 09.23.16

I am so excited to announce another brand new series on the blog that will be appearing this month on the 8th, 15th, & 22nd:

I will be introducing y'all to my three lovely lenses, and I'll share some images I have taken with each one, as well as some pros and cons of each lens & what kind of shoots I most commonly use them for. So keep your eyes peeled this Saturday! I'll be sharing these posts on Cassidy Elaine Photography's Facebook page as they are put up on the blog.

Have a great day!
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