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Rockford, MI, USA
As I am writing this, it is currently 11:47pm on August the 23rd. What happened to the summer?! It has been such an incredible three months of sunshine; 16 photo shoots, fifteen of which I shot and one in which I appeared. It's crazy to think back over the hours upon hours of editing, photo taking, and picture CD shipping, but I have been reminded of His great faithfulness through all of it. When it's 3 in the morning and there are still 100 photos to go, He has been faithful to answer my prayer "please help me to keep going." It the moments that photo taking isn't feeling oh-so-fun anymore, He points out that every picture taken is an act of worship to Him. When people are too kind as to encourage me in photography and say "you're a great photog!" He reminds me that it's only because of Him. If He hadn't directed me to that first photography class, I wouldn't even know where the on button is. If He had not sent Helena my way last September, I would not be running this business.

Even just thinking about those few facts leaves me in awe of Him. I love the simple way Leslie Ludy says it: "This life is not about us; it's about Him."

This photo session was so sweet. In April (yikes, that was a while ago! I will eventually put their session on the blog!!) these adorable friends met up with me for an Overflow Blog photo shoot. And, for some reason, I am totally in love with this particular shot! I did have to lay in the dirt to capture this one.....

Like seriously. You have to admit it; these little goats are amazingly cute!! While my family was visiting relatives in Indiana, we got the opportunity to see some goats - like a whole farm full of them - and it was a ton of fun! I have never heard "baaaaaaaaa" so many times in  my life!

At the end of June, I had the opportunity to go to St. Louis to be a leader at a Bright Lights conference. Getting to Illinois took 8 hours, and it was worth every minute of the long drive, but I wasn't the only one to come a far way. This photo was taken near the train station in down town St. Louis where we were waiting for another Michigan leader to arrive; as we waited, Mr. Whisler took us for a tour of the area. Wow, y'all, St. Louis is beautiful!

 4. 6400 AND GLAM
Yes, I am aware that photos taken at 6400 ISO are pixely and griddy, but in the evening hours when the sun is down and LED/ambient lights are all that's available, you make the best of it. I felt so extremely blessed to spend a week with these Christ-centered girls! Being a Bright Lights leader is such a joy, and actually getting to help out with a conference was an incredible experience. (Totally check out this ministry-

Over the 4th of July weekend, my church had their annual Townsend Park picnic. Of course, all the kids headed to the creek to cool off in the water, and to find some little critters, as Graham did. #nofrogswereharmedinthetakingofthisphoto

For about a year now, I have been a little obsessed with journals. Especially during my time with the Lord. I totally love to have a beautiful place to record answers to prayer, verses that are special to me, and notes of His incredible faithfulness through every season of my life. I actually shot this photo for my other blog when I was sharing a few favorite verses from the book of Isaiah. This lovely blue journal caught my eye at the store mainly because of the verse on the front of it, "I have loved you with an everlasting love" (Jeremiah 31:3). I listen to Elisabeth Elliot's Gateway to Joy podcasts, and that's the verse she shares at the beginning of each one; so I, of course, went for the journal to match it!!

Okay, y'all! I'll be honest; as a photographer, it can be really hard to get people to show sweet expression without having to say things like, "relax," "OK, can you just laugh for me?" and the like. But Avreil and Zach have such love for each other that I didn't have to instruct their every move. (You know, "chin down like 2 more inches", "follow my finger with your eyes", etc.) This photo makes me want to sing! <3
Aurora is such a sweetie! Just look at that face! While I was on a missions trip with my church, I snagged this photo; we were heading out to our first day of VBS in Down Town Detroit, and Roar made sure she had the best view of all the action.

So I may be a little biased, but Meijer is way better than Walmart. #opinionswithcassidy. And we had to get a little shopping done before the VBS started the next morning, so that's where we went. I have learned that the Meijer parking lot is a place I need to be just as photo-attentive as anywhere else; definitely loving the perspective in this shot!
After the missions trip was over (like just the day after), my church had their vacation Bible school. I had the privilege of  being in the 4th grade class, and also the skit during the main session. It felt amazing to be back on stage again, after taking a year off from drama; and right after our final skit, we sang this (pictured) song. It was an awesome end to the week.
 11. NA-NO
Little lady Naomi did a mini-session with me during a class beach party, and it was a lot of fun. But... about 10 pictures in, Miss Naomi decided that she was all photoed out, and found an effective way to make me stop photo taking (or so she thought... :) ).
Anistyn really likes to play in the sandbox, and sometimes the sandbox sticks with her, as you can see under her lips. Ani is a sweet and spicy girl; there's likely a party (possibly the pitty kind) going on when she enters the room. I'm excited to see how the Lord uses her strong will to bring Himself a ton of glory!
My awesome friend Heidi Haaksma did my senior photos. Heids comes from a talented family; her mom is an amazing pianist (and my teacher), one sister is a philosophy major, and the other sister is a sweet, very lovely soprano. Since we were already at her house, I asked my teacher to jump in for a photo with me during our shoot, and I LOVE the way this one turned out! So many memories are baked into this one photo. Ahh, love it!
When my grandparents came up to visit this past weekend, I asked them if I could try out my new awesome 50mm lens on them. And, oh my, I do love the results. I love their example of faithfulness, love, and serving through so many years together; and, also, just look at those smiles!! Beyond sweetness here!

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