Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Rebekah, Megan and Grace: A Lifestyle Session

These three sweet girls, Rebekah, Megan and Grace, were wonderful models for my latest lifestyle session.

What is a lifestyle session?

It is a photo shoot involving shots that express the emotion and sense of everyday life. For example, in the 14th photo down, I asked Rebekah to pose in a sad mannerism; I wanted to imply that something had happened and that she was struggling. Was she actually sad? No. She's just a great actress!

In the first photo, we have Rebekah. She is a local photographer at Rebekah Ann Photography, and we see each other every week at homeschool group. She is an encourager (yep, I made up that word); you can't talk to her for five minutes without feeling so uplifted! Megan (third photo down) is a sweetheart! She is energetic and so thoughtful; I love talking with her whenever I get the chance. Though she's shy, she does a killer job in each Koinonia performance. And last, but definitely not least, Grace. Grace is an actress, pianist, and big sister; she always has a positive and beautiful way of looking at life and I'm so thankful to know her.

These pictures were taken specifically for The Overflow Blog, a lifestyle blog for Christian women.

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