Sunday, September 20, 2015


STAY 2015

 Earlier this summer, I took a "trip" with my youth group called STAY. What is STAY, you ask? It is a trip that exposes youth to some of the local ministries right in their city that they can be a part of; it is a time of growing closer to one another, and even more importantly, growing in Christ. We went to many different places, such as- Alpha Women's CenterMel Trotter, and more.

A few weeks before the trip, I nervously asked my Youth Pastor if I could be the trip photographer... and he said yes! I was so excited. By the end, I had taken nearly 600 photos (which is a much lower number than I would usually have for a week-long trip). Since I am not going to put all of those up on this blog, I decided just to put up a few of my favorites-

©Eric Shelner (this particular picture wasn't taken by me).

©Chloe Shear (I obviously didn't take this one, but it's my favorite!)

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